Crafting the Future of Scaffolding

At Oak Scaffolding, we blend years of experience with a passion for innovation to provide bespoke scaffolding services.

Located in the heart of Sussex and extending our services to London, Surrey and Hampshire, we are not just contractors; we are pioneers in the scaffolding industry.

Our commitment to safety, coupled with our expert knowledge, makes us the go-to choice for Sussex Scaffolding and Surrey Scaffolding needs.

Our Mission: Guaranteeing Safety and Stability

Safety isn't just a word for us; it's our entire ethos.

As a CHAS accredited contractor, we set the bar high for safety standards. Whether it's a domestic build or a large-scale commercial project, our team ensures every scaffold meets rigorous safety protocols.

Our journey towards becoming an audited member of the Scaffold Association underlines our continuous effort to enhance our safety practices.
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Tailored Scaffolding Solutions

Our comprehensive range of services includes:

Domestic Scaffolding

We understand the unique requirements of residential projects and provide customised solutions.

Commercial Scaffolding

Our team is equipped to handle large-scale commercial projects, ensuring efficiency and safety.

Bespoke Design

From planning to execution, we offer tailored designs for every scaffolding need.

Health and Safety Consultation

With our extensive knowledge, we provide valuable insights into scaffolding safety and design.
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Why Choose Oak Scaffolding?


Years of experience in the scaffolding industry.

Safety Committed

Compliance with the highest safety standards.

Regional Knowledge

In-depth understanding of local construction needs in Sussex, Surrey, and Hampshire.


Proudly a Constructionline Gold member and Scaffold Association affiliate, we uphold exceptional industry standards.


We prioritise continuous communication and client satisfaction throughout the project lifecycle.
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