Health and Safety

Ensuring Excellence and Compliance

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Ensuring Excellence and Compliance

At Oak Scaffolding, our paramount concern is the health and safety (H&S) of our employees, clients, and all stakeholders involved in our scaffolding projects. Our unwavering commitment to H&S excellence is not just a policy; it's a core part of our ethos.

We understand the importance of creating a safe working environment and are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of safety and compliance within the scaffolding industry.

Legislation and Compliance

We rigorously adhere to all relevant health and safety legislation applicable to the scaffolding sector, ensuring compliance to the highest practicable levels.

Our proactive approach involves not just meeting but exceeding industry standards to ensure safety at every turn.

Risk Management

Oak Scaffolding prioritises risk avoidance and effective control measures.

We are committed to identifying potential hazards and implementing strategic actions to mitigate risks, ensuring the safety and well-being of all involved.

Training and Qualifications

We believe in empowering our team with the knowledge and skills necessary for upholding safety standards.

Our employees receive comprehensive training, equipping them with the qualifications needed to excel in health and safety practices.

Cultivating a Safety Culture

Safety is ingrained in our organisational culture.

We strive to foster an environment where every member of our team understands the value of safety and actively participates in promoting a secure workplace.

Industry Membership

Our affiliation with the Scaffolding Association underscores our dedication to staying aligned with the best practices and standards in scaffolding safety.

External Expertise

We collaborate with Complete H&S, an external expert, to regularly audit and advise on our health and safety protocols, ensuring continuous improvement and adherence to industry best practices.

Project Safety

Recognising the unique challenges of working on occupied buildings, we pay meticulous attention to not only the safety of our direct clients but also their employees, the general public, and the integrity of on-site goods and equipment.

Our operations are designed to minimise disruption, ensuring seamless integration of our scaffolding services without compromising daily business activities.

In-House Coordination

Our dedicated Health and Safety coordinator oversees comprehensive training programmes and ensures that all our scaffolding solutions comply with relevant health and safety regulations.

Certifications and Standards

Our team consists of CISRS-trained scaffolders, and we utilise scaffolding materials and designs that meet European standards (BSEN12811) and comply with TG20:13 guidelines.

All our scaffolding tubes and ladders adhere to stringent quality standards, reinforcing our commitment to safety.

Documentation for Peace of Mind

We provide complete documentation, including Scaffold handover certificates, method statements, and site-specific risk assessments, to ensure transparency and reassurance for all our clients.

Contact Us for Health and Safety Enquiries

For any questions or discussions regarding the health, safety, or environmental aspects of our scaffolding services, please don't hesitate to reach out.

You can contact us at 01903 706055 or email us for a detailed conversation about how we prioritise your safety through our comprehensive scaffolding solutions.

At Oak Scaffolding, your safety is our success. Let us demonstrate how our commitment to health and safety excellence can contribute to the seamless execution of your projects, ensuring a safe and efficient working environment for everyone involved.

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