From stage to set construction, our focus is on blending safety with spectacle to create unforgettable experiences.

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Bespoke Solutions for Every Occasion

At Oak Scaffolding, our expertise extends into the dynamic world of event scaffolding. We offer meticulously customised services, transforming event concepts into tangible realities.

Stage Design

Our stage design services are central to many prestigious events. Whether it's concerts, festivals, or corporate events, our bespoke stages meet the unique requirements of each occasion.

We ensure that our stages are not just visually striking, but also robust and secure, offering a worry-free environment for both performers and audiences.

Set Design

In set design, our scaffolding plays a critical role in the physical manifestation of creative ideas.

Our team works closely with designers on projects ranging from theatrical productions to film sets, ensuring that each element of the set is both functional and aligned with the creative vision.

Lighting Boxes and Rigging

Lighting is crucial in defining an event's atmosphere.

Our custom lighting box and rigging solutions are engineered to support the weight and electrical needs of modern lighting equipment, facilitating optimal positioning and functionality.

Speaker Support

For optimal sound quality, speaker placement is key. Our scaffolding solutions include bespoke structures for speaker support, designed to enhance sound distribution while ensuring the safety and stability of the equipment, essential for events of all sizes.

Our Portfolio

Music Festivals

Our stages for music festivals cater to large audiences and complex setups, always upholding the highest safety standards.

Theatre Productions

We provide set designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional for seamless performances.

Corporate Events

Our scaffolding services for corporate events create stages and settings that reflect brand ethos and facilitate effective communication.

Sporting Events:

In various sporting events, our scaffolding solutions are crucial for media broadcasting structures, lighting setups, and spectator seating, enhancing the overall event experience.

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