At Oak Scaffolding, we provide a comprehensive suite of scaffolding services tailored to meet every facet of your construction requirements.

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Our commitment to safety, quality, and efficiency is evident in each service we offer.

Discover our key services below:

Hoist Hire

Elevate your project with our dependable hoist hire service. Ideal for the transportation of materials and personnel, our hoists ensure your operations proceed smoothly and securely, regardless of the job's complexity. With a variety of hoist options at our disposal, we're equipped to cater to your project's specific needs.

Scaffolding Fans

Enhance site safety and protect your surroundings with our scaffolding fans. These fans create a boarded area above doorways and perimeters to shield passersby and workers from falling debris, ensuring nothing compromises safety within and around your construction site.


Safety is our top priority, and our guardrails reflect this commitment. We supply and install high-quality guardrails to offer robust edge protection for your scaffolding. Suitable for residential, commercial, or industrial projects, our guardrails are vital for preventing falls and securing the safety of your workforce.


Our netting services provide an extra safety measure, catching any debris or tools that may fall. This not only protects your workers but also the general public around your construction site. Tailored to fit your scaffolding, our netting solutions are a versatile and crucial safety feature.


Securing your site is imperative. Our scaffold alarm systems offer peace of mind by deterring unauthorised access and alerting you to potential security breaches. Simple to install and manage, our alarms are an essential part of your site security strategy.

Why Choose Oak Scaffolding?

Choosing Oak Scaffolding means partnering with a company dedicated to the highest standards of safety, quality, and customer service. Our extensive range of services, combined with our expertise and focus on innovation, ensures your project receives unparalleled support. Contact us today to learn how we can fulfil your scaffolding needs with professionalism and excellence.

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